Our mission guiding our basic approach, our attitudes and professional practice is:

To Provide Exceptional Structural Design & Engineering

Excel professionally…..exceeding industry standards and obligations in providing quality, complete, detailed, accurate and coordinated construction documents.

Draw on our broad experience base through creativity and passion to develop innovative, economical, simple, yet effective design solutions that meet our client’s project objectives and needs for performance, economy and creative style.

Use the latest industry design tools and technology to facilitate quick responsive service allowing for creativity and the timely development of design options and ultimately to solidify our final design solution meeting all applicable codes and standards.

Provide excellent field support…..attentive to construction practices, possibilities, limitations and constraints…….inquiring construction insight for future use in meeting construction schedules and economy.

To Focus Outwardly on Client Service & Satisfaction

Listen to our clients needs and objectives… be responsive to them… exceed their expectations… always maintaining a respect for their work and their clients as well as their project goals and objectives.

Be aggressive in pursuit of our design solutions… yet maintain patience in the journey that is the design process… a willingness to travel the required design path to reach the desired destination… providing timely delivery of design options along the way… meeting all project milestones and schedules.

To Develop and Nurture Longstanding Client Relationships

Sacrifice when needed…..adding structural engineering direction and insight….shedding light in an effort to bring a project to fruition.

Work for our clients on any and all of their projects regardless of size, substance or significant…..meeting all needs and objectives.

Maintain a Passion for Structural Engineering and Design

Take ownership and pride in all aspects of our work on a personal and professional level……be proud of our contributions to the team, the project and our communities.

Grow professionally….open to new ideas….seek unique and innovative solutions to each project….yet draw from our broad and extensive experience base…….combining aspects of past successes to form a unique yet simple and proven solution to each project at hand.

Constantly evaluate ourselves and how we perform our work and provide services growing and evolving as our clients needs grow and change.