Our values at the core of our office culture and guiding our relationships are:

Structured Steel
Structured Steel

Maintain a Passion & Enthusiasm
for Structural Engineering & Design

Maintain a passion for structural engineering and design… enthusiastic throughout the design and construction process to project completion and beyond.

Take ownership and pride in all aspects of our work on a personal and professional level… be proud of our contributions to the team, the project and our communities.

Grow professionally… open to new ideas… seek unique and innovative solutions to each project… yet draw from our broad and extensive experience base… combining aspects of past successes to form a unique yet simple and proven solution to each project at hand.

Constantly evaluate ourselves and how we perform our work and provide services growing and evolving as our client’s needs grow and change.

Structured Steel
Structured Steel

Personal & Professional Integrity

Maintain integrity in our personal and professional conduct as project team members and representatives of our clients.

Accountability & Responsibility

Be accountable and responsible as individuals of an office, team and as a company; for meeting project goals and objectives in a timely and professional manner… maintaining and advancing all of our technical and industry knowledge as we progress.

Hard Work & Dedication

Dedicated to the needs of our clients and their projects through hard work and teamwork with a positive attitude in our basic approach… outwardly focused on service and the success of our clients and their projects.

Innovation & Creativity

Support and foster innovation and creativity while drawing on project experience and inquiries with contractors, suppliers and others in the industry and trades to accomplish client goals and project objectives.