CWSTRUCTURAL Engineers has a broad base of expertise offering a variety of structural engineering design services to handle all of our clients needs throughout the journey that is the design and construction process as clients needs and projects goals and objectives become clear… our experience base also serves to support continued relationships with our clients handling all their needs regarding all their facilities… institutions such as the University of Mary, Bismarck State College, Minot State University and others… foundations such as the Theodore Roosevelt Foundation… municipal bodies such as city water supply and treatment facilities, city school facilities and boards and others… our design services include but are not limited to the following:

Complete Building Structure Design

Complete building structure design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration on a variety of building types including commercial, religious, educational, healthcare, recreational, governmental, municipal, hotel, maintenance/utility, military, office, residential, storage and specialty structures… including preparation of construction documents and specifications… construction cost estimates initially and through the design process.

Complete Industrial Structure Design

Complete industrial structure design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration on a variety of industrial structure types including equipment support platforms, conveyor supports, hopper supports, weigh scales, coal analyzers, silo support structures and foundations, existing structure modifications and reinforcements… including complete preparation of construction documents and specifications, bill of materials, shop drawing preparation, and construction cost estimating.

Existing Building Structure Reuse Analysis, Retrofit and Reinforcement

Analysis of many existing structures evaluating and reporting on the potential suitability for reuse or change of occupancy and the structure’s ability or potential to meet the current applicable building codes and standards… following up with a retrofit design for reinforcement, alteration, addition and/or reuse… our experience includes addition of floors to buildings not originally designed for it, openings in existing building floors, walls, roofs, etc., removal of existing columns for more clear area, addition of new equipment on the roof, floor or walls and much, much more.

Existing Building Structure Evaluation & General Condition Assessments

Analysis of many existing structures evaluating, assessing and reporting on their general condition… following up reporting on the structure’s potential for reconditioning and/or stabilization… our experience includes foundation and steel structure degradation and corrosion, repair of foundation and wall cracks, stabilization and re-support of building foundations, reconditioning and reinforcement of structure component connections, and much, much more.

Forensic Structural Analysis

Evaluation of existing building structures to identify deficiencies causing resulting in problems with building performance and the function of its operation… our experience includes foundation, wall and floor slab movement or cracking hindering the operation of doors and windows, creating roof or wall leakage, drafts etc. and much, much more.

Structure Construction Cost Estimating

Maintaining a finger on the pulse of current construction costs updating a database of local construction labor and material values… relationships with local contractors for assistance in specialized structure costs at any particular time.

Miscellaneous Specialty Structure Design & Analysis

Design and analysis of any type of specialty structure such as sign foundations, pools, stairs, access ladders, access platforms, removable hatches, connections, communication towers, parking structures….and much, much more

Pre-manufactured Building Component Design & Shop Drawing Preparation

Analysis and design of precast concrete members, structural steel stairs, railings and platforms, window-walls, and much, much more.

Municipal Structure Design

Complete municipal structure design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration on a variety of municipal structures types including water treatment plants, piping system vaults, spillways, clearwell tanks, piping restraints, filter tank design and retrofit, sedimentation tanks, and much, much more.

Foundation Design For Pre-manufactured Buildings

Complete design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration of foundations for pre-manufactured metal, concrete and fabric building structures… complete coordination with building fabricators and suppliers as well as local code officials and inspectors… meeting all applicable local building codes and standards.