CWSTRUCTURAL Engineers consists of a professional team of specialized individuals with a passion for and dedication to structural engineering with an ability and history of delivering timely and quality design services completing accurate and coordinated construction documents. We are committed individually and as an office to our clients in successfully coordinating and completing all of our projects.

Our professional team consists of registered professional structural engineers (P.E.’s), registered professional engineering technicians, and professional drafting technicians as well as administrative assistants working collectively in unison fulfilling all of our client’s structural engineering needs, goals and objectives meeting all project milestones and completion schedules.

Registered Professional Structural Engineers (P.E.’s)

Our registered Professional Structural Engineers will act as sole points of contact coordinating and managing projects…..coordinating with our clients and their consultants, contractors, fabricators and suppliers….focused on innovative and economical solutions to our clients’ unique project goals and challenges…each with a broad base of technical structural engineering knowledge and experience….with an emphasis on coordination with other team members’ designs, a final accountability in terms of internal quality control efforts and the creation of effective, economical and code compliant design solutions.

Registered Professional Engineering Technicians

Our registered Professional Engineering Technicians provides support to our structural engineers supplementing their efforts with component and connection design and analysis as well as coordination with other project team members, contractors, suppliers, fabricators

Professional Drafting Technicians

Our Professional Drafting Technicians translate the design ideas and solutions of our structural engineers and technicians in preparation of the construction documents through a proficient use and thorough understanding of AutoCad, Revit and other software…..developing structural engineering designs in further detail geometrically…..with layout, dimension and detail necessary to supply building structure components and construct the building foundation and structural framework…..with an emphasis on coordination with other team members’ construction documents, internal quality control measures and procedures and the creation of overall clear, complete and concise construction documents.

Administrative Assistants

Our Administrative Assistants are proficient in support of our entire design team and our clients….assisting in disseminating information to our team and our clients, and their consultants, contractors, fabricators and suppliers throughout the design and construction process….further supporting client relationships by assisting them with their immediate needs.